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In March of 1998 Advanced Protective Services, Inc was founded. One year later, Doug Jones became a full partner. In August of 2002 Mr. Jones took total control of the firm becoming the President/CEO. Mr. Jones brought with him 17 years in the entertainment business with celebrity/VIP executive protection details experience to the table. The vision was to create a private protection/investigations business with professional and ethical standards serving the private and public sectors thus effectively "raising the bar" in the security and investigations industry.

The Company is made up of five divisions. The first division is the Executive Protection Division. This division provides protection to Corporate, Celebrity, Dignitary, and VIP clientele. Our Agents are highly trained to handle sensitive and logistical situations. All aspects of our clients' protection will be addressed through our personal protection teams in the most efficient, skilled and confidential manner. Our teams are available for national and international assignments

Our second division is the Guard and Patrol Division. This division provides Agents for events, property protection and public safety situations. Our patrol teams provide Paramedics and First Responders, combined with armed (or unarmed) agents to provide response to alarms and on call requests to neighborhoods and business communities. Our Team can consult and/or develop your security plan of action.

The third division is the Sworn Officer Division. This division provides off-duty uniformed Police Officers for traffic control, public safety and property protection. Our Company works hand in hand with the local Police Departments all over the State to provide the most efficient way for the private sector to secure uniformed security services.

The fourth division is the Private Investigation Division. This part of our Company provides short or long-term investigations for both the public and private sectors for both criminal and civil cases. Our Agents capabilities include interview and interrogations, loss prevention investigations, surveillance, and under cover operations. Our state certified expert private investigators consist of Agents with experience in numerous government agencies.

The fifth division is our training and seminar division. Our Agents with backgrounds in military, government, and police departments can conduct and are licensed to provide certified training to police and SWAT teams, firearms training, Rapid Deployment (for schools and local police, fire and medical teams), hostage rescue, as well as corporate seminars on national and international travel threat assessments, office bomb threat procedures, Rape defense for women and many other safety procedures including a complete security assessment and safety procedure manual for your facility.

Advanced Protective Services, A. P. S., is in full compliance with The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Our Company carries over 6 million dollars in liability insurance. Further, Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability as required by Tennessee State Law cover our Team.

Our clientele includes some of the most successful companies and recognizable celebrities. We can mention only a few. They are The Gaylord Entertainment Center (Nashville Arena), Adelphia Coliseum, The Exxon/Mobil Corporation, Nashville Gas, Central Parking, The Governor's Club (an Arnold Palmer golf course and private gated community), Sprint PCS, Barbara Orbison & Company, Tennessee Sports Fan, Amy Grant, Luke Perry, Tom Arnold, Vince Gill, Coach Jeff Fisher, Steven Seagal, Gary Chapman, Patrick Swayze, and many other groups, corporations, celebrities and government officials (including courtrooms, judges, lawfirms, Senators etc).

Our Company has become the most reputable company in the Tennessee area. Our reputation has been built on trust, integrity, and confidentiality. We will continue to strive to provide the most professional and confidential consulting and protection service firm.


Our Executive Protection team provides protection to Corporate, Celebrity, Dignitary and VIP clientele. These agents bring with them a combination of training to the most exacting standards from military, government, law enforcement and corporate fields. Agents also include certified trauma "one" medics. They are trained to handle highly sensitive and logistical situations nationally and internationally. Whether it is a high or low risk situation - to include corporate downsizing, terminations or strikes - we can custom design a plan and team to facilitate your needs. Some of our clients include Patrick Swayze, Luke Perry, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Steven Seagal, Gary Chapman, NFL Head Coach Jeff Fisher, Tom Arnold and many other groups, corporations, celebrities, Senators, judges, courtrooms, law firms and the U.S. State Department.

Please feel free to call our office for a no cost no obligation consultation.


ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. (As long as it is legal!) This is our motto. We have a team of full time dedicated investigators that are equipped with the latest technology and training for conducting any type of civil or criminal investigation. Our investigators come from backgrounds in local, state and federal investigative agencies. We have taken that core training and years of experience in criminal and civil rights matters and relocated that expertise to the private sector. This transformation has developed into the "Dream Team" of the civilian world - Just what you want and need on your side. This team is expert in many fields. This combined with our continued positive relationsihp with law enforcement officials on all levels allows us the opportunity to bring all this expertise to your needs at precisely the right moment, and just for the time desired.

We can help you in the following ways.
CIVIL Divorce, worker's compensation, child custody/retrieval, process service, background checks, surveillance of all types and general planning/consulting about your specific problem.
CRIMINAL Internal thefts, insurance fraud, robberies, larceny, corporate espionage detection (we have all the technology to sweep for bugs, phone taps, video sources, etc.), narcotics (we have our own K-9 and certified handler), and any other crime against persons or property. DON'T WAIT FOR AN OVER-WORKED POLICE DEPARTMENT TO PAY YOU THE ATTENTION YOU DESERVE!
DEFENSE If you have been charged with a criminal offense, we can work with you and your attorney(s) to gather important information surrounding your case to assist in your defense. REMEMBER, WE HAVE BEEN THERE AS LAW ENFORCEMENT, we know what should, can and can't be done legally.
All of our services are completely confidential. We can draft an investigative course of action to a client's specific needs. Each person is different, each business is different and each problem has to be approached in a new and ingenious way. Call us and we will let you know how we can help.


Our Guard and Patrol division is the best in the country, bar-none. We provide uniformed and plain-clothed agents who are fully licensed, bonded and have the capability to arrest and detain. We do not hire transient guards who roam from company to company in search of the easiest post of duty. Our men and women are drawn directly from the ranks of the military and police departments. We demand more from our Team. We take care of our clients and their direct interests (property, customers, etc.). Our agents are trained in proactive security that DETECTS, DETERS and AVOIDS criminal activity. Call us for a no-cost consultation. We guarantee we can save you money in the long run by doing a better job and increasing your business. We believe in public relations because we are fully aware that the first person a potential customer comes into contact with is ususally the "security guard." A bad experience with this individual can set the tone for the remainder of their visit.

The greatest advantage to having your own hired agent, whether armed or unarmed, is the flexibility you get to take care of your own situations. We do not break the law or commit unethical or immoral acts under any circumstance, but we do have (and pass on to the client), the ability to use discretion in dealing with how we handle intoxicated persons, thieves, panhandlers and other unwelcome persons at your event or venue. With this discretion, we can arbitrate the unruly behavior, thus creating an end result that will be beneficial to the client on many fronts, especially avoiding adverse publicity. If an arrest is necessary or desired, then our relationship with area law enforcement officials, accompanied with the action of our men and women, will restore order to, and remove liability from the client's property.


This division provides uniformed or plain-clothed certified police officers for off-duty purposes. It takes a special type of company with a reputation for excellence in the field for police chiefs and sheriffs to allow their full-time personnel to be employed in the field for the benefit of a private client. Advanced Protective Services employs over 250 police officers at events as large as NFL football games all the way down to the corner store that desires a uniformed offcer on the weekend for protection. Our pricing is competitive in the marketplace and MUCH cheaper and easier than going through a department's internal division to hire the same services.

Alarm Response Runner Service

Don't let late-night false alarms disturb you again!

Our service picks up where your company's security system leaves off. If the alarm system is triggered after hours, we get the phone call. No more late-night disturbances. No more anxious drives into the office, wondering who or what you'll find when you get there. We take care of it all. And if it's more than a false alarm? Our experienced, professional agents are trained to handle any situation. And when it's resolved, you'll know everything we do. There's no better way to be safe--247. Call today for more information.